Pergola Enclosure and Installation Orlando: Backyard Shade With Style

Looking for a classy addition to your backyard that can provide definition and shelter to seating and entertaining areas? Consider a Louvered Roof System!


Louvered Roof Systems in Orlando - Additional Space to Entertain

Pergolas are a fun and beautiful feature for any outdoor space. It can extend the inviting warmth and fun of your home into patios, lawns, and poolside. Pergolas are also incredibly functional and aesthetically versatile – you can do wonders with these simple structures.

Whether you’re looking to create a magical garden landscape, a stunning little backyard hideaway, a covered fire pit, or something completely different, a pergola is an excellent solution.

A Louvered Pergola Enclosure Installation is An Orlando Outdoor Retreat to Take Your Breath Way

Our custom-appointed pergolas can be appointed with privacy walls, lavish curtains, and draping plants. Transforming your pergola into a secluded hideaway only steps from your home can make you feel like you’re taking a vacation every time you step inside.

What’s your pleasure? Curl up with a good book. Catnap in the sunshine. Enjoy dinner and drinks with close friends. The dual nature of pergolas – simultaneously open and private, indoor and outdoor – makes them perfect additions to your pool, patio, or backyard area.

Orlando - A Louvered Pergola Installation Provides Ambience and Mood

Our pergolas are built to withstand the elements, and so are the available upgrades. During the design and installation phases, you may choose to install lighting, a shaded canopy, or other useful extras in your pergola.

If you have lighting or a firepit, you can enjoy your pergola late into the evening with friends and family.

Louvered Pergola Enclosures are Great for Gardening Enthusiasts

Pergolas are amazing in a garden. They have a way of making even the most mundane plants feel secret and magical – and their added shade allows you to grow plants that might otherwise struggle in the Florida climate.

Let your imagination take you and your family away to a courtyard in a faraway castle, or an exotic patch of jungle lifted from the tropics. Hanging vine, draping trees, and even bushes can grow all around your pergola.

Suddenly, you’ll find that your afternoon tea is being shared by butterflies and songbirds!

Louvered Roof Systems for Orlando Firepits, Swings, and Other Accessories

If you want to add a focal point to your pergola, we recommend firepits and swings. Late night bonfires are made magical when the fire is taking place just to the side of a beautiful open pergola.

You’ll be swept away into memories of camping – and better still, your pergola can help block strong winds, so you can enjoy your fire without the hassle of floating embers.

(Side note: ask us about fire pit placement! We’ll help you place it in the safest and most beautiful spot available!)

Swings and bench gliders are a lovely way to spice up your pergola as well. Consider rocking chairs, or even a free-standing hammock – making your pergola functional as well as breathtaking!

Louvered Pergola Enclosures - The Look of Wood Without the Disadvantages

We specialize in several different pergola and trellis materials, some of which are designed especially for the demands of the Orlando climate. While we are more than happy to provide traditional wooden pergolas, using teak, pressure-treated pine, cedar, and other useful hardwoods, we also specialize in:

  • Cellular Poly Vinyl: These pergolas are available in a smooth, elegant finish, or in our “timber ridge” finish for that wood luck. The main advantage of cellular poly vinyl is that it is absolutely impervious to moisture, resistant to insect damage, and rustproof. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on this material!
  • Aluminum: Get the wood look with the embossed driftwood finish, or keep it smooth and paint it to match your home. Our aluminum pergolas have a transferable lifetime warranty.

Orlando - We Accommodate Your Pergola Needs

Our pergolas are tailored to your lifestyle. We offer 40-60% shade covered pergolas as well as fully covered pergolas for all-weather use! We have a wide array of column sizes and shapes, and our pergolas come in a multitude of heights.

No matter what your vision is, Orlando Pool & Patio by Design can match you to your perfect Pergola.

Placing Your Pergola Roof System

Most pergolas can be placed anywhere you like in your hard. Most commonly, we recommend placing your pergola where it will highlight your home’s architectural beauty.

They’re commonly used to cover outdoor dining areas, or to create a cabana-like area beside a swimming pool, or even over a hot tub. We’ve also installed them as beautiful, dramatic entryways into yards and gardens.

For more information on our pergolas and how Orlando Pool & Patio by Design can help maximize your outdoor spaces,

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