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Motorized and Retractable Screens: Bringing the Outside In


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Would you like to live large? Add some extra living space? Blur the line between the indoor and outdoor portions of your home or backyard?

Then you should consider a motorized retractable screen. Whether the intent is to have a little extra fresh air, protection from insects, or direct control over the amount of privacy you want, it can be yours – at the touch of a button.

Our professionally installed four seasons screens can fit openings up to 26 feet wide, and we can mount them on surfaces or recess them, depending on your specific needs.

We think of them as invisible thresholds, and here’s why:

Orlando - Add Square Footage to Your Living Spaces with a Motorized Retractable Screen

Like magic, these retractable screens can dramatically enhance your living space.

Expanding the living quarters of your home to beyond the walls can have a dramatic impact on your day-to-day living habits. Open that covered deck or porch, but keep it free from intense sun exposure and bugs. With our retractable screens, you can spend more time outside every day, without any of the drawbacks.

Our Retractable Screens Disappear When They’re Not Needed

Our motorized screens have housings that contain them – completely. You’ll never have to worry about compromising the view – when you want to see the whole outdoors, it’s like our screens were never there in the first place.

Speaking of “no compromise,” we won’t ask you to give any ground on your home’s aesthetic principles. If you’ve got a designer’s eye or your home is an architectural statement, we’ll recess our screens so they’re completely out of sight when not in use.

Your Motorized Screen is Fully Automatic

For some, the idea of pushing a button and having shades majestically lower from hidden places seems out of reach. That’s the kind of thing you see the ultra-rich doing in movies, after all.

Not so – you can have that luxury, too.

Opening your porch, pool, or patio area by using our screens is a simple process. Operating them is even easier. Our screens can even be made to work alongside your existing home automation systems, and can be operated by your smartphone, with our Smart remote.

Press a button, enjoy the view. It’s really that simple.

Motorized Retractable Screens in Orlando - Insects and Pests Will Pester You No More

Orlando Pool & Patio By Design believes in convenience. It’s hard to imagine anything less convenient than Florida’s mosquito population. The same is true of midges, flies, and all the rest of the pests you really don’t want.

But what are your options if you want to stay outside with friends a little longer? Light up citronella candles and tiki torches and cover yourself in bug spray? That’s fine for camping, but that’s hardly what you want to do when you’re home, right?

So don’t.

Instead, invest in a motorized screen. Your pool, porch, and patio areas can be bug-free that easily.

Save On Air Conditioning

Opening your home to the elements on a breezy day is a great way to save money on cooling things down.

But sometimes, it can be a pain – are you going to run around opening windows and shutting them again, worrying about bugs and whether or not the sun is getting through?

Not with our screens. In addition to making it an absolute cinch to let in a sweet breeze, they’ll also help you provide a little extra shade to screened areas. That helps reduce solar heat gain, and keeps things a little cooler all around.

French Door Screens? No problem.

French doors are a beautiful luxury, and an architectural gem that immediately lends class to a home. Unfortunately, as many Florida residents know – you can’t screen them. And if you can’t screen them, you can’t really use them, at least not as often as you’d like.

Problem solved – we can screen French doors. In fact, retractable screens are the only possible way to manage that. So throw open those French doors and enjoy that breeze.

Garage Door Screens

Our motorized screens can also be installed over a garage bay, instantly adding another usable room to your home. Enjoy a wealth of natural light – whether you’re working on a car, crafting something in a home workshop, or converting that garage into an airy indoor/outdoor lounge for friends.

Motorized Retractable Screens are Adaptable – So You Can Enjoy all Four Seasons of the Orlando Year

Worried about the effect? Don’t be. Our screens use Maestro Shield recessed brackets. We can customize our systems to every home, leading to a seamless integration, every time.

And if you want to add a little something, ask us about our dimmable LED lighting. Ambiance is never more than a tap away.

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